Break time is OVER, y’all!

If you’re just now back to me after my five-month … we’ll call it a “haitus,” shall we? That sounds nice and relaxing (ha!) … then first off, I apologize. I don’t really know where I was either, and you’re not to be blamed for wondering what the hell I was doing. I know, I was doing really well on the two-blogs-a-month business. But then I took up that new role and it ate my life, and I sort of kept taking failing-yet-hopeful leaps like a corgi in deep snow (and it went about that well, too). When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Sigh.

ANYway. I won’t say I’m back full speed, but I will say that I am kind of getting on top of things and promise to get back into regular blogging. And I miss y’all!.

I have two more months in this role and then will be taking on a new challenge at SalesLoft (tbd). Stay tuned. I’m working on a blog post on things I’ve learned from being Chief of Staff, probably coming out tomorrow(ish), so stay tuned there, too.

Also, thank you to everyone who checked on me! Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, and I will endeavor to get back into the game and live narrowly up to your expectations. (Also anyone who’s ever seen me attempt to awkwardly play sports likely doesn’t want me back in any kind of game anyway, but oh well. It’s my chosen cliche and that’s what we’re going with here.)

So okay then — onwards!