Watch This Space: The Consumer Show, Guest Post Edition #4

I hate to do this back-to-back, but I'm going to go out there on a limb and say the first Thursday of the month isn't loving me for the past few rounds, y'all. For the second one in a row, I've got a guest post in for The Consumer Show. (Last-minute but still.) 

This time we've got someone new (I couldn't lean on Andrew twice so quickly like that, even if he is an awesome writer).

This is James .  Say hi, James!

This is James. Say hi, James!

Meet James Hall. He is the owner and lead developer of Hall and All, a group of designers and developers who create websites and apps. When not found at Switchyards Downtown Club, look for him on the Appalachian trail or at most Atlanta sports events. James has worked with a wide variety of amazing brands such as Adobe, Bacardi, Home Depot, AutoTrader, AT&T and more.

And coming up, you'll shortly see his thoughts on The Consumer Show right here on my blog! 

Everyone say hello to James tomorrow night!