Break time is OVER, y’all!

If you’re just now back to me after my five-month … we’ll call it a “haitus,” shall we? That sounds nice and relaxing (ha!) … then first off, I apologize. I don’t really know where I was either, and you’re not to be blamed for wondering what the hell I was doing.

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Guest Post: Switchyards & "Made in Atlanta"

I get a lot of random PR people trying to convince me that an article on dental clinics or beauty tips or Australian gold mines or something is exactly "what your site needs" from a guest-post. (It does not.) But this is not one of those posts.

Julia reached out to me after attending a recent episode of "Made in Atlanta," a monthly Switchyards collaboration with Alternative Apparel about the best brands made in our city. She had written a recap of the December event and thought I might be interested in cross-posting it here. She was right, so here it is. Enjoy! ~ Aly

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