Atlanta Social Club works to connect women in the area with opportunities for friendship, health and wellness, and charitable efforts. The women of ASC are an incredibly diverse, talented and ambitious group. 

In addition to being a 2017 Brand Ambassador, I also write a feature in their quarterly magazine, REVEAL, called "Working It: The Entrepreneurs, Executives and Businesswomen of ASC." Each quarter, we highlight a few of our members who are reaching great success in their chosen professions, whether that’s curating an art gallery, founding a company or directing strategy for a high-profile corporation. We admire their drive and enthusiasm, and want to share more about the passion they bring to their work.


REVEAL | Q2 2017
Lindsey Epperly
OWNer, Epperly Travel

If you’d asked Lindsey Epperly a year ago how she managed to run a successful travel business and prioritize her family and friends, she’d tell you ... she wasn’t.  “In 2016, I was reaching a very extreme ..."

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REVEAL | Q1 2017
Erica Key
Founder, Eating with Erica

There are some people who like routine. They go to the same places, see the same people, and eat at the same restaurants. 

Erica Key is not one of those people...

REVEAL | Q4 2016
Kate Gremillion & Tallia Deljou
Co-founders, Mavenly + Co

If you’ve ever reached an impasse in your career and said, “Well, that’s not quite what I thought it would be. Is this what I want? What’s next?” then you may want to check out Mavenly + Co. Mavenly assists ...