Because there are unscrupulous people out there who steal others' content and claim it as their own, I now have to have this page. Sigh. What is wrong with people?  

But moving on...

I'm so glad you liked my work, thank you! If you're here, you're checking if you can share it, and if so, how I'd prefer to be credited. I appreciate that. Thank you for being a generally decent sort of person! (And thanks to HubSpot for direction via its excellent content attribution policies.)

House Rules:

  1. Feel free to share links to any of my content by email and social media. And thank you!
  2. I allow sharing on any Website except those featuring pornography, hate speech or bullying. (And because Internets, I'm sure I'll have to add to this list at some point.)
  3. You cannot claim my content as your original ideas (i.e. using my content and publishing it on a channel as your own).
  4. As long as I am credited and backlinked as the writer/owner, anybody can repost my content in part or in whole. I'd greatly prefer if you'd check with me first, though!
  5. However, you cannot make money off my content. I created it for free, I shared it for free, and it should remain free.
  6. If taking a portion of my content out of context substantially alters its meaning, the entire content must be included.

Please don't be a jerk. Write your own content. If you take mine and don't properly credit as outlined above, I will report you accordingly.