Watch This Space: The Consumer Show, Guest Post Edition #3

Once again, my schedule collided with that of The Consumer Show, and I had to find someone to guest post for the city's best B2C and design pitch event. But don't be sad — my guest poster is Switchyards member Andrew Osborn! (You may remember him from my last Consumer Show guest post back in May. He inexplicably sounds just like me when he writes (?), so he won the toss for "person at the top of Aly's list to bother." This is a dubious honor but he did gamely respond to me so I guess it's okay with him?)

^ Again, this is  Andrew .  He is awesome. Everyone say, "Hi, Andrew!" on Thursday!

^ Again, this is AndrewHe is awesome. Everyone say, "Hi, Andrew!" on Thursday!

As a reminder: Andrew works at Landing Lion, a marketing automation startup located at Switchyards that replaces the frustrating process of creating and publishing Web pages with a truly enjoyable creative experience.

Not only does their platform give you full control of your designs, but it also provides an impressively robust testing and analytics platform. Break free from themes and templates, and build something unique to your brand! They were also a TechStars Atlanta company, and you can check out their slick presentation from Demo Day here

I'll let Andrew plug his company a bit more eloquently in Thursday's recap, but in the meantime you can sign up for a free Landing Lion account here.

So everyone say hi to the Landing Lion team on Thursday for me! See y'all soon!