The 2017 ACC InVenture Prize, aka You've Done Nothing With Your Life Compared With These College Students

You think I'm joking, but you just wait. 

I don't know what you were doing in college, but I can assure you that I was not creating a company, building emerging technology, or inventing anything that required a patent. (I did once help some guy friends build a potato gun that would reach across the courtyard to the apartment door of their arch-rivals, but I don't think that was patentable ... nor, in retrospect, was it actually all that intelligent to do.)

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That's Your Cue: On-Demand Creative Agency Designed for Founders

Everyone wants to tell you they're "the Uber of something" these days. (Seriously. I put it into Google and got back results ranging from "the Uber of funerals" to "the Uber of local trucking." If I believed in emojis in blog posts, there'd be an eye-roll one here.) It's a quick and easy one-liner to describe your new business idea in a trendy way.

Preston Attebery, however, is fascinated more about what this says about the emerging on-demand economy, and less about using it for a cheap tagline for his company.

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