That's Your Cue: On-Demand Creative Agency Designed for Founders

Everyone wants to tell you they're "the Uber of something" these days. (Seriously. I put it into Google and got back results ranging from "the Uber of funerals" to "the Uber of local trucking." If I believed in emojis in blog posts, there'd be an eye-roll one here.) It's a quick and easy one-liner to describe your new business idea in a trendy way.

Preston Attebery, however, is fascinated more about what this says about the emerging on-demand economy, and less about using it for a cheap tagline for his company.

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Watch This Space: The Consumer Show, Guest Post Edition

The streak had to end sometime, y'all. After eight months in a row, I finally had a scheduling conflict to cover The Consumer Show. (And it's the TechStars Edition! I know, I know. I'm sad too.)

Fortunately, Switchyards is full of amazing people doing amazing things, and one of them, Shannon Kroll, is willing to help me out. She'll be guest-posting here with her own take on the monthly recap, so keep an eye out at the regularly scheduled time (usually the Monday after, unless Jason Seagle's rushing me).

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